Viewing Scores / Results

There are two methods of viewing assessment scores / results, depending on your situation.

  1. View results for an assessment you created.
  2. View results for an assessment someone else created.

View Results for Assessments You Created

To view results for an assessment that you created, navigate to the assessment and then click Test Groups

Screenshot of selected assessment with test groups link below it

Select a Test Group to review results for that group.

Screenshot of test groups page

Click the Student Results tab to view scores and individual student results. Students are identified by the email or passcode that they used to access the assessment. Click on the score to view a student's individual responses.

Screenshot of test group page with student results tab selected

Select Question Results to view aggregate results on a per-question basis. Jump to any question by number and select to view either the pre or post response totals. Multiple choice question types will show the response distribution of selected responses.

Screenshot of test group page with question results tab selected

Export scores or response status by question by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the screen. Exports are in Microsoft Excel format.

Screenshot of test group results export buttons

View Results for an Assessment Someone Else Created

If you are not the assessment creator but had your student take an assessment that someone else created, you can still view scores for your classrooms.

This applies to situations in which you're using Google Classroom or you created passcodes for your students.

Click Classrooms. Select a classroom. At the top of the page click Scores/Results.

Screenshot of Scores/Results button on classroom screen

Select an assessment that your students have taken from the drop-down and click View Results.

Screenshot of classroom assessment results

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