Creating Test Groups (Distributing Assessments)

You distribute an assessment by creating one or more test groups. A test group gives you a unique link to share for respondents to access your assessment. Test groups also offer a number of settings you can apply to an assessment such as:

  • Randomize question order
  • Set a time limit
  • Show correct answers after each question
  • And more...

If your assessment contains graded questions, you'll also find respondents’ scores grouped by test group.

Navigate to an assessment and click Test Groups / Scores. (If your assessment doesn't have any test groups yet, you'll also see a blue banner inviting you to create your first test group.)

Test groups button

Click New Test Group.

New test group button


  1. Give the test group a meaningful name.
  2. You can enable the pre-test, the post-test or both.

Test group settings - name

  1. (Optional) Set a time limit for the assessment.
  2. (Optional) Randomize the question order.

Test group settings - time limit and randomize

  1. (Optional) Enable backtracking (allows a person to return to previously answered questions and change their response).
  2. (Optional) Show the correct answer after each question.

You probably don't want to enable both. If a respondent is given the correct answer and can return to the question, they can correct all of their incorrect answers.

Test group settings - allow backtracking and show correct answer

Click Create Test Group.

On the new test group screen, you’ll see the share links for the pre- and post-test. Send these links to your students / respondents. Respondents will access the assessment using this link.

They will need to enter an email, passcode, or login with a Google account to access the test.

Test group home screen

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