Creating an Assessment

A Yrdstick assessment can be a traditional graded test, a survey, or a mix of graded and ungraded questions. Regardless of the question types, we'll always refer to them as assessments.

To create a new assessment, click on "assessments" in the sidebar, then click the "New Assessment" button.

Create new assessment

Name your assessment. Optionally, you can also enter a description and instructions, which will be visible to the respondents completing your assessment. Click the "Create Assessment" button and you're done.

Name assessment

Duplicate an Existing Assessment ΒΆ

You can also create a new assessment by duplicating an existing assessment.

Click the duplicate icon beside an existing assessment.

Duplicate assessment

Click Yes, Duplicate Assessment.

Confirm duplicate assessment

You now have a copy of your assessment. You can rename the copy and add, remove, and edit questions.

New, duplicated assessment

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