Depending on your plan, you can customize some aspects of Yrdstick.

Final Screen

The final screen a respondent sees when they complete an assessment displays relevant information about the assessment such as the time of completion and score (if applicable). Starting with our Professional and higher plans, you can customize this final screen.

Navigate to a test group for one of your assessments, then click the Final Screen tab.

Final Screen tab on Test Group screen

  • Click the toggle to enable customization.
  • Complete any or all of the optional fields for heading, body, button label, and button URL.
  • You can see a realtime preview as you type.
  • If you enter a Button URL, respondents will be redirected to that site.

Final Screen fields

That's it! When someone in this test group finishes the assessment, they'll see your custom screen instead of the default Yrdstick final screen.

Coming Soon: Custom Branding

Soon you'll be able to customize the look and feel of an assessment with your organization's logo and brand colors.

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