Creating Passcodes

Passcodes are one of several optional ways that a student can access an assessment. Other methods include using an email address or logging in with a Google login. See Taking an Assessment.

You May Not Need Passcodes

Passcodes are typically only necessary in two situations:

  1. Passcodes may be necessary for younger students who do not have an email address or Google Classroom login they can use to access an assessment.
  2. You may want your students to use passcodes if you are a teacher having your students take an assessment created by someone else and you are not using Google Classrooms.
Common Use Case

The most common use case for passcodes is this: You want your students to take an assessment that someone else created and you are not using Google Classroom. In this situation, you'll probably want to create passcodes for your students. This will give both you and the assessment creator access to your students' assessment results.

Creating Passcodes

If you need to create passcodes, you can do so by clicking "Classrooms" in the sidebar. Passcodes are grouped together in “classrooms.”

Screenshot click "New Classroom"

Create a Classroom

Give the classroom a name and optionally a description, then click Create Classroom.

Screenshot enter classroom details

Add Students

Click the Add Students button.

Screenshot "Add Students" button

Enter Student Names (or Anonymous IDs)

Enter students, one per line. If you don't want to enter student names for privacy reasons or because you've been asked to use anonymous identifiers by the assessment creator, enter numbers or IDs instead of names. Common choices for IDs are school IDs, seating chart numbers, or simply numbering students sequentially from the class roster. Any method that is meaningful to you but otherwise maintains anonymity will work.

When you’re finished, click the Add Students button.

Screenshot field for entering student names

View or Print Passcodes

A unique passcode will be generated for each student. You can return to your classroom any time to find these passcodes again.

Screenshot student names and passcodes

You can print a passcode sheet for easy distribution.

Screenshot print passcodes button

The printable page will look similar to this with one passcode per line.

Screenshot printable passcodes sheet

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