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Pre and Post Testing

Measure learning outcomes and attitudinal change through simple but powerful pre-tests and post-tests.

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  • Evaluate Program Effectiveness

    Test before and after a unit of study or training program. Yrdstick automatically calculates grades, percent improvement, and other metrics.

  • Document Outcomes for Funding & Grants

    Use Yrdstick to measure and document outcomes to meet grant requirements or for reporting outcomes to program funders.

  • Measure Changes in Attitude or Perspective

    Use Yrdstick to measure changes in attitude or perspective. Great for social research or organizational change initiatives.

  • Analyze Question Quality

    Analyze questions using built-in item anaylsis metrics like item difficulty and discriminator analysis. Use analysis to improve question quality.

  • Collect Results Anonymously

    Collect results anonymously for compliance and research best practices.

  • Perform A/B Testing

    Compare outcomes between different groups receiving different teaching methods or curriculum to determine which methods are more effective.


Here are just a few of Yrdstick's many features…

  • Create assessments quickly and easily online.
  • Mix and match graded and survey questions.
  • Choose from a variety of item types: multiple choice, short answer, Likert-type, or open-ended.
  • Distribute assessments and surveys easily with a simple link.
  • Take advantage of Google login and Google Classroom integration.
  • Set a time limit or leave assessments open to be completed in any amount of time.
  • View scores, percent improvement, item analysis and other automatically calculated metrics.
  • Fully web-based. No software to install for you or your students.
  • Excellent customer support. Have a question or problem? We're here for you. Just ask.

Great for…

  • Teachers

    Measure student improvement after a unit of study.

  • Corporate Trainers

    Demonstrate program effectiveness.

  • Educational Researchers

    Collect rich data from large test groups anywhere in the world.

  • Grant Writers

    Measure program outcomes for grant reporting.

  • Curriculum Developers

    Evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

  • Community and Social Programs

    measure changes in opinion and attitude over time.

  • Assessment Developers

    Evaluate item quality with difficulty analysis, discriminator analysis, and more.