Release v1.3.1

New Customization and Redirects

We're pleased to announce the release of Yrdstick version 1.3.1 offering the ability to customize the final screen and include a custom redirect at the end of an assessment. See our new Customization documentation page for details.

Release v1.1.0

Sorting, Filtering, and Archiving

We're pleased to announce the release of Yrdstick version 1.1.0, which includes sorting, filtering, and archiving for your assessments. As of this release, you can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

See the v1.1.0 Release Notes for more details and try Yrdstick today.

Beta Ending - New Plans and Pricing!

Yrdstick is coming out of beta!

On November 15th, the Yrdstick beta will end. We’ll offer a number of plans, including a Free Forever plan. See our simple plans and pricing ranging from individual to business tier.

Thanks to everyone who tried Yrdstick out during the beta. Your feedback and support was invaluable!

If you're using Yrdstick, please share with friends and colleagues. Word of mouth recommendations are incredibly helpful and much appreciated! If you haven't tried Yrdstick yet, try it now for free.